Thursday, May 05, 2005

Election Day

Well here it is the reason why I voted conservative


The Conservatives whether you agree or not have stuck to there core principles, on the other hand Labour have been voted into government by swinging there policies from the socialist left to the right. Unfortunately for the people standing left of center this swing leaves them nothing, the conservatives are right of center and I hope will remain there forever without needing to change their core fundamental ideology's just to gain power!


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

1 day to go

Well this is it, the eve of the big day!

Tomorrow will also be the day that we find out why i will be voting the way i am....

Stay tuned and VOTE TOMORROW!!!!


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

2 days to go

Local politics

Tonight I attended a local political forum to enable people to question the four candidates standing for the local election in north Shropshire, Owen Patterson seemed to clearly come out on top by the end. Especially after the Labour candidate goes back home to Wolverhampton, the ukip representative goes and try’s to personally push the EU as far away as possible and the lib dem candidate try's to convince us that Michael Howard will soon be a Nazi!!

At the end of the day it is still nice to see democracy in action....

3 days to go

Another British Serivceman has died in iraq, that is now 87 dead soldiers.

The questions begs what is the cost if he was wrong?

Sunday, May 01, 2005

4 days to go

Today is Sunday and as it is the day of rest so I thought I would give the hard working parties candidates a day off from being attacked.

The site has become quite popular since it's creation check this link

google it!

See you all tomorrow for the home straight....

5 days to go

War, this one and the next....

Gordon Brown has said he thought in future it would be good for the MP's to decide whether this country goes to war or not. However had this been the case over Iraq then we would never have gone to war. I am not against the downfall of Saddam Hussein but I do believe it would have been better to have done this in '91.

Our government has such a responsibility in regards to UN security as one of the 6 permanent members of the Security Council. We should strive to make sure that the decisions to take military action against a country for breaking international law are made simply with the charter in mind. Instead of countries using their veto to stop military action because the country in the UN sights owes them millions of dollars/rubles/euros in weapons/technologies contracts, the decision should be simply made on issues like if a child has basic care, shelter and food or whether there are free democratic elections.

The UN really needs to learn to follow through on its charter, instead of providing cruel dictators with numerous chances. If someone does not comply with a resolution then they should be punished instead of the UN taking a step back and forming another resolution so that they can comply.

6 days to go

Liar? Liar?

Criticism has been rife this week in the papers, on the radio, on fact everywhere towards Tony Blair. Did he lie to go to war with Iraq?

So if Blair did lie, if he went to war with Iraq and killed thousands of Iraqies because he said Hussein lied, does that make him just as bad? If we are to believe he lied then on his hands, and the hands of his cabinet, is the blood of the men and women of the armed services.

Tony Blair has said that he wants to go down in history, he wants to be remembered. However history does not wipe away those things that we may wish it would.

History never forgets......................


Thursday, April 28, 2005

7 days to go


There's not long left now and so I was pleased to see my electoral card come in the post this week....the question is what will you do with yours? How are you going to use your vote?
For anyone out there (like me) who finds it difficult to know who to vote for and thinks all the parties are merging into one, check out the link below for a quick and easy analysis of which party best suits your political views.
(Bad luck Carl it says I should either vote Lib Dem or Labour, Conservatives came out the lowest)

Lots of criticism against Tony at the moment for the Iraq war. Personally I didn't agree with his actions, however I was just wondering how the other parties would have dealt with the situation if they had been in the same position?!

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

8 days to go

in answer to ruthe....


My biggest problem with labour is this; people seem to think it ok that the party who was founded in socialist methodology to defend the working classes is now changed some of its policies to right wing theology to get and stay elected.

Also one point which is always missed is what about the unions which used to hold the country to ransom to there demands coal miners striking?? Bin men striking??(3 day week cost the people of this country). These acts where hurting the people struggling to pay there bills (as well as Maggie) she stripped this country of heavy industry which alas is a shame but heavy goods are produced in other countries now at an excepted standard for a quarter of the cost.

Had Maggie not stood up to unions and helped a decline in heavy industry we would be left now having to subsidise it like we are with farming, i think 51% of the EU budget (the common agricultural policy) is now spent subsidising farming to keep it alive so imagine the cost of having to subsidise the heavy industry of this country as well???

Forget cheap goods and low taxes we have today (well actually high taxes under labour even though they got into power on the promise of no tax rises???)

Discuss..... :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

9 days to go


Something that has really annoyed me recently....

What on earth has the world come to? And more specifically what has politics come to?

Prescott has criticised Kennedy for being tired after the birth of his new baby. Prescott used the opportunity to point out that Mums in Britian have to look after their babies for longer than 24 hours. Of course Kennedy was going to be tired, not because he can't hack being a father but because he is human. I challenge anyone not to be tired when their partner has just had a baby and they are also on the campaign trail for an upcoming election. Seriously have a heart or at least a little common sense. So what if he was tired?

Our current PM has a tendency to look a little exhausted every now and again! If Prescott was trying to show the failings of politicians he needn't have bothered because we already knew, didn't we.

10 days to go

Happy day for me!!!!

Brown and Thatcher in love???

I have a friend who will remain nameless but is a youth worker from Oswestry, I am really hoping you are reading this!

Your government is praising my beloved maggie!!