Tuesday, April 26, 2005

10 days to go

Happy day for me!!!!

Brown and Thatcher in love???

I have a friend who will remain nameless but is a youth worker from Oswestry, I am really hoping you are reading this!

Your government is praising my beloved maggie!!





Blogger Ruthe said...

Read it all! Gordon brown praising maggies strength in economic policies isn't the labour government praising maggie.It is also a stab (as the one sided telegraph even agree) at the wishy washy opposition on offer this year.
I have to agree with him as I respect maggie on 1 thing, she stood up for what she believed in and was a woman who lived by her integrity.
Unfortunaltely her strong minded pursuit of better economics eventually led to the disfrachisation of the social infrastrcuture of the 80's, the at time 16% unemployment rate (as opposed to 4% under Gordon), the fat cats having a whale of a time while your average working human (the foundation of the British economy) struggled to pay his bills, the persistent Me-ism that now dominates our society. Maggie thought she had good economic policies, but they failed (even further when her little boy major brought us black wednesday) and I wonder if she had any heart for the average working Britain, let alone those left in dire poverty because of her choices?
Gordon Browns policies may be more right than left, but he remains a man of integrity, a quiet leader who usually lives up to his word and (although there are economic issues he needs to address in order to bring some balance into who is benefittting) has on the whole brought us a stable, more affluent society.
As your left leaning tory McMillan put it "you've never had it so good", so maybe its time to get of our backsides and start using our wealth to do something about the vast poverty of other nations?

11:10 AM  
Blogger Carl said...

This is my biggest problem with labour is this; people seem to think it ok that the party who was founded to defend the working classes is now changed some of its policies to right wing theology to get and stay elected.

Also one point which is always missed. The unions used to hold the country to ransom to there demands coal miners striking?? Bin men striking??(3 day week cost the people of this country)

These acts where hurting the people struggling to pay there bills (as well as Maggie) she stripped this country of heavy industry which alas is a shame but heavy goods are produced in other countries now at an excepted standard for a quarter of the cost. Had Maggie not stood up to unions and helped a decline in heavy industry we would be left now having to subsidise it like we are with farming, i think 51% of the EU budget is now spent subsidising farming to keep it alive so imagine the cost of having to subside the heavy industry of this country???

Forget cheap goods and low taxes we have today (well actually high taxes under labour even though they got into power on the promise of no tax rises???)

1:26 PM  

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