Wednesday, April 27, 2005

8 days to go

in answer to ruthe....


My biggest problem with labour is this; people seem to think it ok that the party who was founded in socialist methodology to defend the working classes is now changed some of its policies to right wing theology to get and stay elected.

Also one point which is always missed is what about the unions which used to hold the country to ransom to there demands coal miners striking?? Bin men striking??(3 day week cost the people of this country). These acts where hurting the people struggling to pay there bills (as well as Maggie) she stripped this country of heavy industry which alas is a shame but heavy goods are produced in other countries now at an excepted standard for a quarter of the cost.

Had Maggie not stood up to unions and helped a decline in heavy industry we would be left now having to subsidise it like we are with farming, i think 51% of the EU budget (the common agricultural policy) is now spent subsidising farming to keep it alive so imagine the cost of having to subsidise the heavy industry of this country as well???

Forget cheap goods and low taxes we have today (well actually high taxes under labour even though they got into power on the promise of no tax rises???)

Discuss..... :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

they are all a bunch of no good self important public schoool club nepatistic &*%$£" what is my choice of local candidates? a woman from brimingham who can have no understanding of north shropshire's issues, a liberal democrat that i dont think anyone would be happy to see representing them in parliament and current incumbent that lives in the area speaks up for local issues, is actively involved in the community but is a member of a party that still remains unelectable (not even going to mention ukip) see you all at cornerstone on 3rd may

10:52 PM  
Blogger Ruthe said...

phylis again? why you always so anonymous? I have to agree but my vote is now decided, I have to go on party not personality, in the hope that Tony will eventually step down and Gordon can step up.
It seems a bit pointless, especially when north shropshire is predictably tory, but at least i will feel i have had my vote ... and kept mr im way to liberal firmly in 3rd place ... better a lady from Birmingham (there are few of you who are real shropshire) than shropshire succuming to that.

9:48 AM  
Blogger Ruthe said...

And forgot to mention ... Did ya mean ideologies ;) Theology? Don't think God is that much involved in the political leadership, unfortunately ;)
and ... shift all the trade out to countries we can pay quarter of the price and help to keep us all hunky dory and their children in dire poverty?
And white bands ... tokenism by everyone really (whos giving regularly to help reduce the devastating effects of poverty and writing to their MP's to take action?) BUT if it raises awareness among a wide range of people (its got lots of my young people talking about action) and £1 brings in a reduction of any kind of poverty then good on em!

9:57 AM  
Blogger Ruthe said...

And again ... (in a ranty mood) I have yet to hear your promotion of the present torys ... or is their nothing to say? Come on its only 7 days to go

10:01 AM  

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