Wednesday, May 04, 2005

1 day to go

Well this is it, the eve of the big day!

Tomorrow will also be the day that we find out why i will be voting the way i am....

Stay tuned and VOTE TOMORROW!!!!



Blogger Skillipedia said...

It seems that all parties are either ignoring or scared to face the problem if illegal immigration
in the United Kingdom. While most of undocumented immigrants are hiding and living in misery, J Reid and
L. Burn are pretending to be in control of the situation. This inertia is will only benefit scrupulous employers

So far we have been listening only to right wing parties and think tanks. That's the reason why I decided to
launch the survey at to hear opinions from normal people. Once we get enough coverage
from the press we will be able to relay the result of the survey to the Home Office

You opinion is much appreciated

2:27 PM  

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